Lawn Care and Installation

Whether you have an established lawn or need a new lawn, we know how to grow and maintain healthy grass in both sun and shade conditions. As we are located in an area of Maine with many watersheds, rivers, lakes, and ponds, we believe strongly in organic and natural fertilizing so that unwanted and dangerous chemicals don't infiltrate our natural resources. We love to educate folks about growing grass as much as we enjoy installing and maintaining lawns. 

We offer season packages for routine mowing and trimming!

We advocate the installation of sod for new lawns, as this enables us to buy locally from sod farms like Green Thumbs Farm in Fryeburg, Maine. In addition, using sod allows for instant results. The photo above shows a lawn that we created using locally grown sod.

Garden Care and Maintenance

Whether for residential or commercial properties, the only way to keep a garden beautiful is with routine and thoughtful maintenance. Nothing is worse than dealing with a garden that has gotten out of hand. We know, as we have significant experience restoring gardens.

We're extremely skilled at pruning trees and shrubs, dividing mature perennials, maintaining existing gardens with routine garden care packages, as well has helping folks understand how to budget when creating new garden areas.

Each spring, we offer readying gardens with new mulch and soil, as well as MOFGA-approved organic compost for fertilization.

Every fall, we offer winterizing lawns and garden areas with complete property leaf and debris cleanup.