Natural Stone Projects

There's nothing like the beauty, look, feel, and endurance of natural stone, whether for a new farm or garden wall, a patio, garden or entrance pathways, steps, a bench or simply a large stone thoughtfully placed for decorative effect or on which to sit and ponder in quiet reflection.

We love infusing bluestone, granite, irregular flagging, boulders, ledge-stone, or reclaimed farm wall stone, to name a few, into any hardscape project. And we're committed to working with vendors who have quarries located here in Maine, such as JC Stone, Inc., as a means to keep our shopping for clients as local as possible.

Pavers, Slabs & Decorative Segmental Retaining Walls

We also enjoy using a wide variety of man-made products, and some of the best pavers and retaining wall blocks are made right here in Maine, such as the products of Genest Concrete and Gagne & Son, Inc!

We design and install--following industry standards--paver patios, walkways, steps, and walls of any size or shape using a wide range of products that make the possibilities endless! Pleasant Hill regularly attends contractor shows and training courses to continually improve upon our design and installation skills, technology, equipment, and awareness of the ever-evolving world of decorative stones.


Nothing completes a patio like an outdoor kitchen, grilling station, or a fire pit! 

Efficient outdoor accent LED lighting brings a pathway to life at night!

Knee walls and pergolas complete an outdoor room!

Need Inspiration?

Give us a call and schedule an appointment with us over coffee at Cafe Nomad in Norway Downtown! We've got catalogs and samples to help you visualize the project you have in mind.